Current Rogues

The dandy diplomat, skulking robber, professional thief, illicit merchant, and witty duelist are some examples of ways to play rogues. In most cases rogues excel at causing trouble and getting away with it. Rogues tend to be great at accomplishing the unexpected and quickly taking down hard to kill or important targets. Many people playing rogues find themselves busiest with the looting, spying, and bribing between fights than the slugfest during. They're well suited to performing a few extraordinary tricks a day with little preparation or warning. Many players get more mileage out of their characters limited abilities by practicing how to hide and prevaricate. Though lacking the reliability and solidness of fighters or the sheer power of mages, rogues are usually the ones best positioned to make that one pivotal choice. Remember kids: backstabbing is best stabbing!

Cheat Death: Once per day you can come back to life fully healed on a silent 100 count. Until you finish the count you are dead. Being a zombie will prevent you from cheating death.

Deadeye: You can use throwing weapons and missile weapons.

Skirmisher: You can use one-handed weaponry, dual wield, and can wear light armor. If you can use shields somehow, sure, feel free to use two.

Grappling Hook: You can bring a foam grappling hook on a rope to events. Anything the rope is laying on (such as water) can be passed over by you and your friends. This doesn't let you ignore lost legs or being knocked down. You may also throw the hook at corpses to drag them towards you. (It should be noted that unless the rope is safe to weapons standards and passed by the safety/training head it cannot be thrown during combat.)

The Broken Ability: You can be in two guilds at once. Only two!

Means: There's something on-site you've been hired to steal. If you can end the event with it, you earn an extra 10 coins. (This will be a single or limited number of objects fought over by many rogues, this ability can only be taken once)

Motive: There's a piece of information that you've been hired to figure out. If you investigate and figure out what's up, you earn an extra 5 coins. (This ability can be taken up to five times)

Opportunity: Twice per day you may tell an individual to either tell you two truths and one lie, reveal a minor secret, or trade a small favor. You should try to integrate the call into your conversation in an obvious way, e.g. “Let's take the opportunity to...”

I Was Never Here: Three times per day when you kill someone with nobody else in line of sight of either of you, you can call “I was never here” They can't remember who you where or that you were involved with anything in particular. It's all just a blur.

The Big Picture: Before each event you're allowed to sit in on NPC briefings, ask to look at handouts for the NPCs (if there are any), and may be given a look at NPC cards. You may not take copies or notes. The event thrower has final say on how much information you get out of this ability.

And Stay Dead: Once per fight you can make someone you just killed unable to come back to life by any means for a 300 count. This ability cannot be used again for at least a silent 100 count.

Backstab: When you stab someone in the back with a dagger you can call out “Shank!”to instantly kill them regardless of armor.

Entangling trap: Gain 3 brown bag of seeds and vines. You may place it by taking a knee andcounting to five. You can tell someone who gets within 3 feet of it that they're entangled! They cannot move their feet for a 30 count. It also goes off if found in a container or searched off of someone.

Exploding trap: Gain a prop black bomb with a wick. You may place it by taking a knee and counting to five. You can tell someone who comes within 3 feet of it that they explode! They are killed instantly. It also goes off if found in a container or searched off of someone.

Snare: When using a throwing weapon you may call out “Snare!” to make whoever is hit take a knee for 5 seconds as per the fighter ability knockdown.

Silence: When using a throwing weapon you may call out “Silence!” to prevent the person that it hits from speaking for a silent 50 count or until their death. The can still make calls like “Armor!” and “Immune!”

Fence: During the event, you may approach the event thrower, give them crowns to buy any item off the items list (the crowns are then considered out of character and will return to the crown bag). You may then walk away from the event and come back 2-3 minutes later with that item.

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